Some of my Favorite Web Services

Two weeks ago I wrote a post on my top 15 tech products for 2010.  Here are a few of my favorite web services (in no particular order):

1. Pandora: My single music source when I’m by a computer and now that I’ve integrated Boxee into the WMC connected to my primary TV, I find myself tuning in more frequently from the living-room/kitchen as well.  Looking forward to seeing how airplay-enabled speakers will impact my audio listening habits in 2011.

2. AwardWallet: Think of AwardWallet as Mint.comfor frequent flyer accounts. I would argue it is even better. never stuck with me, but I use AwardWallet religiously.  You can track existing trips and receive email updates of program accruals. I’ve never found either of these especially valuable.  For the former I rely exclusively on TripIt to organize all facets of upcoming travel.  The email updates are marginally helpful. But as far as organizing frequent flyer programs go, I haven’t found anything comparable to AwardWallet. In the past I’ve used MileTracker but in the end it completely failed me. I have yet to find a program not covered by AwardWallet – and I currently track 33 different accounts. A great feature is the ability to track accounts for different individuals in a single place and share access with them. So if your wife also has frequent flyer accounts you can track them in a single AwardWallet account, but you can each have your own log-in.  Another key feature is the ability to see when miles are set to expire due to inactivity. 

3. Google Reader: I was a Bloglines loyalist and when they announced they were closing their doors I transitioned to Google Reader.  I miss Bloglines, but moving back wasn’t as seamless as it should have been so I haven’t fully moved back yet.

4. Genieo: Genieo uses your search and browser history to built intelligence into your home page by populating it with articles relevant to your history. I’ve been using Genieo for a few months now.  The personal homepage has gotten smarter, and while I typically detest pop-ups, I’ve found many of the pop-ups more worthwhile than a distraction.The favorite sites tab hasn’t been useful yet, nor has the day in pictures (though I like the concept). One huge complaint – I frequently use google for directions by simply typing in the origin-destination in the google search bar and then clicking the map tab when I click through.  I also do this with products by clicking through the shopping tab on the google homepage.  Neither of these tabs exist Genieo-Google page which is incredibly frustrating and nearly makes it worth abandoning Genieo.   

5. Tumblr: I experimented with Tumblr early on but didn’t find a fit for microblogging outside of Twitter. But in the last few months I’ve found Tumblr useful for organizing photos and other posts enroute to Twitter.  I imagine my use of Tumblr will expand in 2011.

6. Twitter (over Facebook)

other web services to do more with in 2011:

1. Spotify: can it live up to the hype if it ever sees official support in the US?

2. OneTrueFan: another tool to build/find relevency.

3. IceRocket: the best blog and twitter search engine?

4. Presentation tools Tableau and Prezi: I intended to use Tableau all year and it just never happened, but I do plan to use Prezi for atleast one of my CES presenations.