Talking to Think v. Thinking to Talk

I’m in the process of hiring a life/executive coach to work with over the next year. I’ve been interviewing coaches over the last few weeks to ascertain fit, approach and style. One of the coaches I interviewed last week made a fascinating (to me) observation as we chatted: I talk to think while others think to talk. Apparently this is a thing, but it hasn’t been a thing I’ve reflected on. It hasn’t really been a thing I’ve even noticed. But since our conversation last week, I’ve noticed it in everyone I’ve interacted with. It’s like the great over-under toilet paper orientation debate, everyone seems to have their way and its one of two alternatives – some talk to think while others think to talk. This insight has allowed me to understand others more fully and consequently helps me to give them greater space based upon their preferred approach. I find myself writing memo-like emails to those who think to talk and setting up quick conversations with those, like myself, who tend to talk to think. Brainstorming meetings  and working meetings seem to be well structured for those who talk to think so I’m trying to take notice of those who think to talk and pull them into the conversation in ways that are comfortable and natural for them. Do you think to talk or do you talk to think?