This year’s State of the Union was about 400 words shorter than last year’s State of the Union address. Likely due the changes in Congress, this year’s address also had nearly 30 fewer applauses (77 compared to 106 in 2010) and about a third of the laughter (4 compared to 12 in 2010). The word clouds below illustrate some of the key themes of the two speeches. 


I also did some text analysis of the speech this year compared to last year which provides some interesting signs of times.

In October I said I expected 80+ tablet launches at 2011 CES.  AS CES approached it was clear 2011 was going to be the year of the tablet and a few days before the show I said that my 80+ estimate was looking conservative.  I updated my expectations and said I wouldn’t be surprised by 100+ tablet launches at CES and by my count we saw over one hundred launches. Here is a draft list of the launches we saw: