2014 Goals and “New Year’s” Resolutions

With the 2014 CES officially behind me, I can finally take a minute and set some “New Year’s” Resolutions for 2014. While no longer technically the start of the new year, in recent years I’ve started waiting until after the close of CES because – as 150,000 others also know – CES (and Vegas) occupy such a big part of January any goals or resolutions set on 1.1.14 would have quickly been tossed to the wayside. By waiting until after CES I at least have a fighting chance of keeping the resolutions alive until mid-March….

I’ve focused on five elements on life: Spiritual, Professional, Physical, Education, and Family:

Spiritual: As my life has gotten busier over the last few years, I’ve noted recently that I’m not making sufficient time to meditate, ponder, and reflect. I’m too busy running from one assignment to the next. In 2014 I want to cordon off 60 minutes a week for meditation.

Professional: At the onset of 2013, I planned to write more but really didn’t write as much as I would have liked. I allowed other tasks to take precedence. In 2014 I want to write 500 words a day. I plan to write more blog posts here and elsewhere, and attempt to publish editorials, op-eds and generally wider than I currently do. Related to this resolution, I want to finish the manuscript I’ve been working on with the intent to publish it in 2015.

Physical: I’ve never felt compelled to run a marathon and that still remains true. But the idea is warming on me. Not for 2014, but perhaps for 2015. With that said, I would like to run more in 2014. I’m going to target 250 miles for the year. I’ve never tracked what I run so we’ll see if this is too little, too much, or just about right. Last fall I started spending 15-20 minutes most mornings doing something physical (ie sit-ups and push-ups). I want to continue this 5 days a week.

Education: Simple. Finish a long overdue PhD dissertation.

Family: With three boys running in different directions, I am often running from one formal activity to the next. While we spend a fair amount of time together, try to just “hang-out” as much as we can, and I do hold a formal meeting with each of them individually once-a-month, I’d like to spend more one-on-one time with each of them. I plan to do one thing with each of them individually each quarter. A date night with dad if you will. And with that, I see several nights at Chucky E Cheese’s in my year ahead.