Cameras are the new Keyboard

BMW owners are now able to get real-time video support from certified technicians through interactive video calls. The service is being powered by startup Blitzz.

Here’s a description from a recent release:

Instead of downloading an app, BMW Genius or Roadside Assistance customers can get a support link via text and be immediately connected with the representatives supporting their case via their smartphone. BMW representatives then work with customers to visually assess questions or issues with the car and walk drivers through how to use features in their vehicle or address any problems – all through an interactive video call.

For sometime now we have seen the camera play an increasingly central role in how we interact with the internet. Google lens lets users translate or copy text, search via images, and even get help with homework problems from the smartphone camera. Apple has its Live Text feature which lets users copy text using the camera and app developers can use the feature to help users autofill digital text from physical items.

Is video chat the ultimate concierge service?

Most people do not read product manuals, at least not in the U.S. Perhaps more companies will begin offering live product tutorials and support via live person video chat.