Professional Sports Teams are entering the Metaverse

Man U recently announced it is partnering with Sony to build the first professional football stadium in the metaverse. The Atlanta Braves became the first MLB team to announce it was also joining the metaverse. A plethora of interesting consumer-facing opportunities including ultimately bypassing traditional media distribution networks to deliver live matches, game highlights, and other content directly to the fanbase. Remember, the metaverse won’t be exclusively accessible through VR, but will also be accessible through other devices like laptops and smartphones.

In the process of digital mapping, their stadium experiences to develop the virtual reality replica appearing in the metaverse, Man U and the Atlanta Braves are creating a digital twin which opens up other opportunities for their respective organizations. There is tremendous focus on the consumer-facing applications of the metaverse, but in the process of building out the metaverse, organizations are creating digital twins of their physical assets. The enterprise applications could far surpass the consumer-facing ones.