As we make the second digital transition into a decade defined by data, an important facet of this transition are the devices that will ultimately capture the data. Debi Stack, director of industry consulting, telecom, media, entertainment, sports & hospitality at Dell recently suggested data gathered from tablets and other second-screen devices will grow 650% over the next five years.

I’ve written in the past how adoption always follows an s-shaped adoption curve. When it comes to digital data adoption we are in the fat (steep upward sloping) part of the adoption curve.

Reuters reported on Monday that Google is now streaming 4 billion videos a day.  Moreover, 60 hours of video content is uploaded every minute -suggesting it would take 10 years to watch just want is uploaded in a single day.  Sure there is duplication. Storage is “free” and whenever a resource is free, it tends to be wasted. Reuters reports YouTube is only making money on about 3 billion videos streamed weekly – would be interesting to know the make-up of those videos.

Perhaps most interesting will be what YouTube does with their Original Channels. Some of these media partners include the likes of Madonna and Jay-Z.  YouTube has become the MTV of the digital decade.

It surprises me how many Internet properties overlook network theory. With storage prices at zero for the end user, aggregators win.  Aggregators are the bookmaker of the digital decade.