This Week in Sensors

and a few articles I’ve missed over the last few weeks:

    1. Robots with odor sensors alert you to bad breath
    2. not exactly sensor related, but an increasing number of airlines are looking at charging passengers by weight. Samoa Air is already charging by weight. With the broad digitization of everything, one could imagine that in the future it could be relatively easy to charge by any number of sensor-derived metrics.
    3. electromagnetic interference can turn LCD screens into touch screens
    4. advertising in the future will rely on where you are looking
    5. work-around when GPS is unavailable
    6. a wristband to let you now if you are washing your hands correctly
    7. the future of smartphone camera sensors
    8. Q&A with Deepak Prakash, Global Director of Marketing for Digital Health at Vancive Medical Technologies
    9. combined solid-state and atomic inertial measurement units which can be used for “advanced navigational sensor chips are smart weapons, positioning, targeting, navigation, and guidance.”
    10. DVD used to scan blood