Black Friday at My House

Several years ago my oldest son bought himself an iPad mini. Recently he received his first iPhone and as a result has been using his iPad infrequently. At the same time, my seven-year-old wants to buy an iPad and so his brother offered to sell him his iPad for $250. Over the last two or three weeks my seven year old has been debating if this is a reasonable price and we’ve discussed checking secondary markets like eBay to determine if it is in fact a good price or not.

Several days ago my seven-year-old asked my 11-year-old if he would discount his iPad for Black Friday. After several minutes of questions and a little bit of implicit prodding, my 11-year-old acquiesced by reluctantly agreeing to discount his iPad mini $50 on Black Friday.

As you might guess we spent a lot of time talking about technology trends and around this time year Black Friday is a frequent topic. Well, it has officially entered our every day vernacular.