The Future of On Demand Retail

We’ve seen how Ghost Kitchens have started to change the face of restaurants. Ghost Kitchens are essentially restaurants with no physical space for customers which means they are delivery-only restaurants. And in fact, some Ghost Kitchens will actually support multiple online-only restaurants from the same location. The economics of Ghost Kitchens are very different than…

A Review of Apple’s Q2 Results

Yesterday I posted a few thoughts and my predictions for Apple’s fiscal Q2 results.  Here’s my follow-up with some additional thoughts on the market implications and where we go from here. iPhone I had predicted Apple would sell around 37M iPhones in the quarter. Consensus was calling for 38.2M. Apple blew away not only the…

Holiday 2013

A few quick thoughts on the holiday shopping season: November 1st marks the officially official opening of the holiday shopping season. This year we saw a tremendous number of promotions kick-off on November 1st. Walmart kicked off its campaign at midnight and Amazon launched its Black Friday Deals Store, offering “Deals of the Day” through Dec.…

Weekly Retail Visits: CityTarget

While in Seattle last week, I was able to visit the CityTarget between Union Street and Pike Street. Target announced their CityTarget initiative in the summer of 2012 and the first stores opened on July 25, 2012 in Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Stores in Portland, New York, and San Francisco would follow later that…

Holiday 2012: Part XII – How Many Products were Promoted over the Weekend?

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Holiday 2012: Part XI – What we Learn from Black Friday EDM Promotions

While we still have CyberMonday before us, the Black Friday weekend is coming to a close.  Most of the promoted items are known.  Here is my rough count of the number of different offers promoted over the weekend for the following tech categories:…