This Week in Sensors

I’m not a big Disney fan. We took our three boys to the Magic Kingdom for a single day last year and it was a complete #failure.  They haven’t been indoctrinated into the subculture. Any while my kids showed no interest in “meeting” the characters I recognize that is a bit thing for many kids. At the AllThingsD conference this week, Thomas Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, discussed their previously announced new wristband called MyMagic+. The wristband will give you access to all things Disney including entry into the park, Fast Pass privileges, and access to guest rooms.  It will allow you to pay for items and collect photos taken by cameras within the park.  The Bluetooth-enabled device will also allow the theme park to know how many people are located in each section of the park – presumably to help manage crowds effectively. In the future, the wristband can also send information to those “lovable” characters so they can greet your child by name.

Smell-o-vision is coming to a phone near you with this peripheral.

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